DAA Double Alpha Grip Kit

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Double Alpha Grip Kit The Double-Alpha Grip Kit is back! Customize you pistol grip and... mehr
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Double Alpha Grip Kit

The Double-Alpha Grip Kit is back!

Customize you pistol grip and enlarge the hand-to-grip contact surface by increasing the contact area on your grip for better recoil management and gun control. The process is quite simple but make sure you follow the steps below.

Your kit includes the following:

2 cups of epoxy putty (marked 1 and 2), approx. 20gr of each·

One bottle of Epoxy hardener (black cap) – 50ml·

One bottle of Epoxy Resin (white cap) – 100ml·

One small cup of Black Epoxy Die·

One cup of Silicon Carbide powder – approx. 60gr·

A mixing cup·

2 Nitrile gloves·

2 mixing sticks·

1 brush


The materials included are enough to customize at least two grips. The epoxy resin supplied is enough for several grips at least, and the epoxy putty is enough for 2.

Additional epoxy putty can be ordered separately.

1.Clean and dry your grip. Your grip should be degreased, clean and dry.

2 Put the included gloves on (and keep them on during the entire process. Work in well-ventilated area.

3.Mix the epoxy putty from the cups marked 1 and 2. Knead the putty until you can no longer see the different colors.  You do not need to use all  the material at once. Use equal amounts of both types.

4. Build up the grips as you see fit to fit your hands. (Keep in mind the width limitations for Standard!)

5. If you are happy with the result, move on to adding texture. If not, feel free to add more putty anywhere you feel it is necessary. Once it has hardened, you can also file away material using a file or dremmel.

6.Adding Carbide powder grip texture: Take the two bottles of resin and hardener, a mixing stick and the mixing cup. The ratio for the mix is 2:1 where you need 2 parts of the resin (white cap) and 1 part of the hardener (black cap). Use the mixing cup “2:1” index to add as much resin as you will need to cover the grip area you want. 50ml of epoxy resin and 25ml of hardener is more than enough for two grips. You can also use as scale to better control the quantities

7.Add a little bit of black coloring die to the cup and start mixing the resin, hardener and die until the color is consistent.

8.Now decide where you want your grip to have texture. If you want fine lines, you can “carve” a line with a box cutter or hobby knife to stop the resin from flowing once applied. You can also “mask” the parts you don’t want resin on using tape.

9. Take the brush and paint the resin mix on your grip.

10. Once the resin is applied evenly, start pouring the silicon carbide on the grip. Place a large sheet of paper under your grip as you sprinkle the carbine generously. All excess silicon carbide will fall off and can be reused.

11. Check to see if you have missed any spots. If there is resin and carbide in a spot where you do not want it, carefully wipe it off with a piece of kitchen towel or such.

12.Once your grip has a nice thick layer of silicon carbide, let the resin and epoxy cure

13. Put your grip somewhere safe so it doesn’t fall or bump against anything and let is cure for at least 24 hours. Once it is completely cured, you can tap off any excess silicon carbide.

14. Congratulations! Your grip is now customized.


 Ohne Dekoteile nur die Einzelteil um den custom Griff selbst herzustellen

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