Ultimate Hammerfeder für CZ

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Ultimate Hammerfeder für CZ The Ultimate spring range was developed by Eric Grauffel and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ultimate Hammerfeder für CZ"
Ultimate Hammerfeder für CZ
The Ultimate spring range was developed by Eric Grauffel and his team to improve your shooting sensation. These springs are ideal for shooting in competition, they will guarantee lightness and performance.
This spring is compatible with all the CZ 75 type of pistols. (Shadow 2, SP01, TS, Czechmate ...) Whether in Double Action or Single Action, the Hammer Spring Ultimate optimizes starting weights according to the needs and ammunition used. The tests are carried out on a Shadow 2 factory weapon. On 10 weighings, the highest and the lowest are removed. The average is carried out on the eight remaining weighings. Here is what we found:

Shadow 2





Factory Springs

9,343 Lbs 

2,745 Lbs  


8 LBS 

5,555 Lbs 

2,299 Lbs

D.A : 40 %

S.A : 16 %

10 LBS

6,905 Lbs 

2,430 Lbs 

D.A : 27 %

S.A : 12 %

12 LBS 

7,982 Lbs

2,575 Lbs  

D.A : 15 %

S.A : 6,2 %

13 LBS 

9,328 Lbs 

2,654 Lbs

D.A : 0,5 %

S.A : 3,5 %

Factory Spring : 32 Coils
8 Lbs : 29 Coils
10 Lbs : 29 Coils
12 Lbs : 28 Coils
13 Lbs : 29 Coils
On the picture , the spring (below) have 10 000 Shots
Do not forget that the springs are part of the wearing parts of your weapon! Any modification to your weapon will void its warranty. Any change of part on your weapon must be carried out by a qualified gunsmith. SARL Eric Grauffel declines all responsibility concerning a misinstallation.
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