Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision DVD

Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision DVD
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Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision DVD Delivery of precision rifle fire is one of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision DVD"

Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision DVD

Delivery of precision rifle fire is one of the most technically advanced skill sets an operator can acquire. The ability to engage targets at long distance is the mark of a skilled rifleman. The Magpul Dynamics Art of the Precision Rifle is a 5 disc DVD set featuring over 9 hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material.

Using a group of Magpul Dynamics instructors as students, Travis Haley and Chris Costa are guided through an intense ladder of excellence by Todd Hodnett. Everything from the basics of zeroing, to reading the wind, and even taking a one mile shot. This progression from basic to advanced, pushes students of all skill levels to their failure points, illustrating how even the best shooters can advance and excel.

The viewer is also treated to copious amounts of information regarding the use of different reticles, doping for wind, spotting trace, and Military Sniper training.

Technical Information: MagPul Dynamics Art of the Precision Rifle

Host / Producer: MagPul Dynamics
Run Time: 593 Minutes
Release Date: 2011


DISC ONE (142 min)

Course Part 1

  • Intro
  • Rifle Setup
  • Zeroing
  • Reticles
  • Truing
  • Special Features
    • Ballistics
    • Cold Bore vs. Clean Bore
    • Trace

DISC TWO (133 min)

Course Part 2

  • Broken Scope Field Zero
  • Accuracy 1st Wind Formula
  • Wind Course (Part 1, 2, Wrap Up)
  • The One Mile Shot
  • Wrap Up
  • Special Features
    • Mindset

DISC THREE (126 min)

USMC Fundamentals

  • The Sniper
  • The USMC Sniper
  • The Law Enforcement Sniper
  • Tools of the Military Sniper
  • Military Semi-Auto Weapons
  • Data Books
  • Exercises
    • Dialing and Scope Calibration
    • The Milling Exercise
    • Natural Point-of-Aim
  • Quick Reference Drills
    • Rapid Bolt Manipulation
    • Tac Reload
    • Speed Reload
    • Reaction Side Bolt Manipulation

DISC FOUR (97 min)


  • Bolt Action
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Ancillary Gear
  • Rifle Optics
  • Muzzle Accessories
  • Support Equipment

DISC FIVE (93 min)

Bonus Features

  • Additional Course Material
  • Unconventional Positions
  • Long Range Trajectory
  • The TReMoR Reticle
  • Cleaning
  • Raising the Bar
  • Bonus Material
    • Bloopers
    • The Whiz Wheel
    • Reading Wind
    • Formula Review
    • More from Magpul (Trailers)
  • This video may contain strong language that may not be suitable for all viewers



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